Why does Biotensegrity matter?

“Biotensegrity is the exhibited strength that results when push and pull have a win-win relationship with each other” Cranial Intelligence, Sumner & Haines page 40

Imagine a tightly knit sweater as a body covering. Or a stretchy net like fabric that would reveal pulls and tugs and knots throughout the fabric. A tear or a knot in the shoulder of your body sweater could be felt quite obviously in one or both legs as well as in the head of your sweater. That describes a basic kind of superficial interconnectivity. Also consider that internally, our bones and muscles and organs have their own system of interconnectivity and reciprocity. Like a network of nylon stockings wrapping and attaching and connecting everything near and far. Not only are parts that are close to each other connected, but each part large and small connects to the whole through a network of stockings. Add to that, the power of an interconnective system containing a skeleton that is designed to bear and deliver impact, weight and movement.  When our bodies are working well, force can come into, through and out of the body thanks to biotensegrity. This ‘Matrix’ is the very same mechanism that allows us to support your healing and ability to restore your wellness. The areas that have been cut off from the whole have the opportunity to re-integrate with the proper touch and support. Resolution is available when we recruit the overarching intelligence of the whole in order to heal or treat the parts.