Your Body’s Innate Intelligence


“In Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, we use touch as a way of communicating and listening to another person. There are two big ideas at the heart of cranial work. One – the whole body expands and contracts in a rhythmic or tidal way. Two – there is an intelligence expressed throughout the entire body.” Steve Haines, Body Intelligence Tutor

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)supports the subtle movements necessary for health in all of the structures, systems and fluids in the body. We attune to your health by assessing the movement of the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) that moves between the sacrum, along the spine, to the head and in the brain. There is valuable information about your overall health in the flow of the CSF. Your therapist can sense and influence this flow, at the level of the pelvis (at the sacrum),  along your spine and especially on your skull.

Fascia Matters

Treatment extends beyond your spine to include all the connective tissues, nerves and fluids moving throughout the body, You might be hearing a lot about the role of fascia in your health, as science is now recognizing how critical it is to every system in your body. (


Craniosacral therapy supports the integrity and health of the fascia – which has it’s own recognizable rhythm and feel when in health.  This means we can offer tremendous support to regaining optimal health at any level whether that’s supporting you through pregnancy, or healing from a chronic condition or a current injury.


Each Part in the System Matters

When motion of any part at any level is limited, health is diminished. We can assess what isn’t moving or communicating well. and facilitate the return of mobility in your tissues, ease of flow of information within systems and between them.

What’s New?

Science has recently ‘discovered’ a new function that in fact describes how craniosacral therapy works very well. Science has named the complex interaction of fluids and tissues the Interstitium (read for more description here


Why does that matter to you and me? Working with the holistic connections among all the body’s systems will:

Balance the nervous system, ease (and eventually eliminate) tension and pain, bring more flexibility to muscles, joints and tissues and balance hormones

This approach never conflicts with your other treatments and always supports what your body needs the most.

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