Your Essential Health

Your body is seeking balance each and every moment.

Learning to feel, know and trust your body is an essential ingredient to maintaining balance and wellness. When health is compromised, we all need help finding our way back to wellbeing and our sense of self.

Juan Gatti Anatomy Art

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is the jewel in the crown of body work. Deeply rooted in ‘Inherent Health’, BCST opens the door to immense resources  within our body.  Click here to learn What to Expect from a session.

BCST regulates the central nervous system, restoring access to our parasympathetic, or ‘rest, digest and heal’ mode. This shift paves the way for restoring communication between the systems in your body, including the connective tissues, muscles and joints.  This deeply relaxing therapy reconnects you to your inner resources, making it an ideal approach to healing injury and trauma including recovery from illness or surgery.